over two decades of clinical excellence

WIN firmly believes everyone should have access to clinical excellence and compassionate support through every stage of life—from building and caring for families to navigating the path to healthy aging and beyond.
For 25+ years,
WIN has proudly supported
500K families.

dedicated nurse
care advocates

With at least five years of experience in a clinical setting, WIN Nurse Care Advocates provide expert support to members across all family-building and family well-being journeys.

Whether you have questions about fertility testing, Rx side effects, or next steps after a doctor appointment, our Nurse Care Advocates are ready to lend a (virtual) hand every step of the way.

medical advisory board

WIN’s board of practicing luminary Reproductive Endocrinologists are the leading family-building and family well-being experts and scientific researchers in the country. They vet every aspect of our solutions, advise and review network practice patterns and credentialing criteria for network providers—ultimately, ensuring we’re giving members the best possible guidance.
Image description Dr. Tarun Jain, MD

Dr. Tarun Jain, MD

Image description Paul C.. Lin, MD

Paul C. Lin, MD

Image description Jenna McCarthy, MD, FACOG

Jenna McCarthy, MD, FACOG

Image description Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Image description Eli Reshef, MD

Eli Reshef, MD

Image description John S. Rinehart, MD, PhD, JD

John S. Rinehart, MD, PhD, JD

Image description David B. Seifer, MD

David B. Seifer, MD

Image description Daniel E. Stein, MD

Daniel E. Stein, MD

Image description Barry R. Witt, MD

Barry R. Witt, MD

our clinical partners

We’re proud to have built the largest network of double board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists from leading clinics across the country. Our network is also the only one credentialed consistent with NCQA and URAC standards, per our accreditations.
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let’s work together to put families first

Our solutions meet members exactly
where they are with the support they
deserve through every family-building
journey and stage of life.